Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Times They Are a'Changin'

It has been a hell of a ride, folks. I've learned a great deal about what I need, who I am and what I want in life over these last six or seven years, but I'm making some choices right now about where to land in the next six or seven to come. These are hard choices, with little assurance as to whether or not they will be correct.
As much as I've loved the farm here, what I'd call the saving grace of all the other white noise of life, I've decided to pack up my seeds and get out of dodge.
I think if we are to grow as human beings on this planet, we must grow forward in some positive way.
Although I will miss my soil, my wood floors, my laundry chute and my studio, I have reached a pivotal point in life where I am intending to make enormous, somewhat intense and drastic changes that will involve letting go of this nice piece of earth, and moving ahead to find another.
The economy has tanked my little town which struggled to survive even before this crash. As a result, I'm surrounded by empty places, high crime, and drug use that goes beyond what ought to already have been legalized. In short, NashobaGardens in its current location is no longer a safe, healthy, viable living or growing space.

Over the course of the next year, my intention is to continue on with the posting you've come to expect around gardens and cooking....

I'm excited for the change. I get itchy feet every few years and perhaps also need a new challenge around bringing a new place to live to life....
This summer, since I'm aware this may be the last; I've planted the most enormous garden I've yet to have and it's cranking along nicely. I am setting and intention to have the smoothest transition out of the American Dream as possible.

It was just a dream, after all, wasn't it? A nice one. But there are other things to dream about, aren't there.