Friday, June 22, 2012

Cultured Butter!

I recently learned to make this amazing treat....and can't stop!  So simple.  And so wonderful on home baked bread.

One quart heavy cream, not ultra-pasteurized.
1/4 cup of cultured buttermilk. Most grocery stores carry this.
(*note, you can also use 3-4 tbs. of unflavored active culture Greek yogurt, or a mesothelic starter culture...I like's quick and simple.)
Mix together in non-reactive pot and slowly heat to approximately 110-115 degrees.
Remove from heat.  Cover and keep in a warmish place overnight or at least six hours.
When done, it will look like very thick cream.   And taste incredible.  I usually scoop a bit of this non-churned butter into a container and spread on scones!

Put the mixture into the refrigerator for several hours. 
It needs to be about 55' to churn well.

Now, dump it all into your food processor (or your churn if you have one!) and turn it on.
It will whirr around, and then all of a sudden, it will separate....and you'll have buttermilk and butter.

Some folks wash the butter, I don't.   It's just as yummy with a bit of the liquid in it, and I find it molds easier.

You can then transfer it to a moist cheese cloth, and squeeze a lot of liquid from the butter...this will be the best buttermilk you've ever tasted, AND you'll be able to use it to make your next batch of butter...or salad dressing....or pancakes.....or or or or or!  The uses are endless and this will beat any store bought buttermilk in any race it wants to run!  So, what I'm getting at here, is don't toss the stuff out.

Once you have squeezed all the liquid out, you can add sea salt or flavoring with herbs or even honey if you like.  The butter is very soft at this stage.  

The final step is to either roll the butter into a wax paper and store in the fridge to solidify, OR you can freeze it for about three weeks.  OR, if you are lucky enough to have someone (my wonderful Mom and Dad, in my case) find you an antique butter press,  you can press the butter into a form and slice at will!

Try this!  You'll be hard pressed (I know, bad pun) to ever use store bought color added butter again!